End of production

It’s with heavy heart that I announce that macaron production has already drawn to a close, at least for now. [SEE UPDATE AT END] The technical constraints of a small, busy commercial kitchen have turned out to be too great for regular, high-quality patisserie work. While I know some people will miss my macarons, remember that Jackie and Simon at EARL Canteen will of course be serving customers lots of other great food from their menu! They have an impressive dining concept and I wish them success.

As mentioned on my article about the macaron project, Jackie’s interest and enthusiasm was instrumental in persuading me to start macaron production, so it is sad that things have had to wind up so soon. Supplies of macarons at EARL Canteen will probably last for a few weeks after the date of this announcement, but check with them if you want to know if a specific flavour is on sale on a certain day.

I’m off very soon for a short (but long-planned) holiday and when I return I’ll explore options for making this project work in another context.

Thanks for your overwhelming enthusiasm for my product (especially those Twittererers out there!). I put a lot of care into trying to deliver flavours that were interesting and well executed, and I’m glad so many people enjoyed them. Perhaps there’ll be more eventually!


4 thoughts on “End of production”

  1. I’m looking forward to see where your macaron adventure takes you. I was lucky enough to try a couple of your macarons, and I’m sure that when you find an outlet that works for you, it will be a success.

  2. This is so sad! I just visited Earl Canteen for the first time and had one of each of your macaroons and they were to die for. So I then came home, googled you, only to find that you stopped production yesterday, I was too late!

    Congratulations on amazing biscuits and bringing so much joy into my day today! Good luck for the future!

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