Macarons by Duncan at Liaison

I’ve hinted, there have been rumours, and the cat almost got out of the bag through a lucky coincidence of a flatmate of a blogger being in the right place at the right time…

Meanwhile, Twitterer @essjayeff, better known as Suzanne of, has already tweeted visual evidence! (Suzanne seems to visit Liaison five times a day, always there for the latest news!)

Macarons by Duncan are now available at Liaison café at 22 Ridgway Place, off Little Collins St near Parliament. (Read Claire’s review here.)

In dot points:

  • Tuesdays and Fridays only
  • available on those days from approx. 10.30am until sold out
  • limited stock and flavours per day

And announcing tomorrow’s flavours (which were in anonymous preview at Liaison last Friday):

DARCY white: combines white chocolate ganache with a strong dose of vanilla and lovely little pieces of cocoa bean, better known as cocoa nibs. The end result tastes a bit like chocolate ice cream!

BETH milk: that favourite (for some) combination of orange and milk chocolate. I’ll admit the atractive mixed shell appearance is the result of a shortage of orange shells, rather than artistic flair;)

2 thoughts on “Macarons by Duncan at Liaison”

  1. Was so looking forward to some – got to Liason at at about 10:45pm but they were all gone 🙁

    Duncan, any chance you might be running some private clasees on Macaron making in the near future?


  2. Hi Jay. I was shocked to hear about the queue.

    A lot of people have asked about classes, and I might consider it eventually — at the moment there are too many things happening. It’s also the case that every oven results in different problems, so classes can result in macawrongs, causing disappointment. We’ll see…

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