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A few news items

Busy, busy, busy. That’s been the past few months. Some of the activity has been on a new site, some on a few tweaks to Syrup & Tang, and a whole pile of unfoodieness has been keeping me away from food and cookbooks. This must stop! Here’s a small update for the curious.

1. A little while ago I became Commissioning Editor for a new website, I eat I drink I work. Sounds fancy! My role is not to run the site or the business, but to look for writers and bloggers who have something to say. Content includes industry news, commissioned articles, hospitality job classifieds and authorised feeds from featured bloggers. The site launched recently and is currently featuring the feeds of Eating with Jack, At My Table and Where’s the Beef? There have been a few teething problems on the technical side but many have been ironed out in the last day or two (you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to process an RSS feed!). I believe the remaining tweaks will be done over the next few weeks.

There are a few feature articles showing and coming. We aim to have a range of styles and content to keep readers stimulated and/or entertained. At the time of writing, an article about obesity by me has just appeared, with some content that might surprise you. Whatever your interest in food, whether inside or outside the food and hospitality areas, I hope that people find something to stimulate them. Take a look at the site, or if you have suggestions for content, visit the content and submissions page to contact me there.

Part of the philosophy behind the site is to create an interface between different areas of the food and wine world. There will be events for a range of people. We have a number of tasting and educational get-togethers planned (think wine, mushrooms, and more…) and you’ll see more news about them over at I eat I drink I work in due course. If you have feedback about the site, want more information, or have suggestions for events you should contact Cameron Russell (big boss).

2. I’ve recently listed as a ‘featured publisher’ over at a US venture (aiming to be international) called Foodbuzz. You’ll see a button in the sidebar which links to that site.

3. I’ve just added a ‘recent comments’ element to the sidebar of Syrup & Tang (under the category index). This helps readers keep track of bits and pieces which they might have missed. A few other tweaks will be noticed by some regular visitors. (And, as always, if you’ve got suggestions for functionality on this site, I’m interested to hear them.)

4. Stay tuned for chocolate cake, alcohol, carrots, exotic fragrances and some travel news in the next few weeks.

Happy reading wherever you surf!