Pierre Hermé’s book on macarons is now in English

I know many people come to Syrup & Tang because of macarons, so…

The most impressive book on macarons is now in English! Pierre Hermé’s 2008 French book “Macaron” is out this month in English, published by Grub Street as “Macarons”. It’s not available from all booksellers yet, but you can try these links:*










A little more info is available in the announcement on my book review site The Gastronomer’s Bookshelf, and you can also read the original review of the French version on the site here.

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3 thoughts on “Pierre Hermé’s book on macarons is now in English”

  1. I wish I could wait for the English version come out… However, I bought mine in French version already…

  2. hi! i live in a place with tropical weather and i know that the reason why my macarons aren’t right is because of it ( no foot and cracked). Can you give me advise or a recipe for humid weather? What type of meringue shoud i make??
    thank you!

  3. Hi Ana,

    I live in Singapore (which is probably one of the most humid places on Earth) but my macarons turn out fine. They have feet and develop the ‘skin’ if you are using the French method. I blast a fan at them during the process or put them in an air-conditioned room to speed things up a little. Hope this helps!


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