Macaron update for early 2011

I hope all my 2010 macaron devourers had a lovely summer, relaxing and eating (but not too many substandard, crunchy, flavourless macarons, please!). I know many of you have been curious about what’s happening with Macarons by Duncan in 2011.

As you might know, the macarons are a second business for me alongside an almost full-time job. Being a one-man-production-macaron-maestro is not easy (the biscuits take a looong time to prepare, especially if you want something better than average!).

Lots of things going on in life away from the macarons have made it difficult to restart manufacture, leaving me with the unenviable decision of whether to (1) stop completely or (2) ramp things up by employing helpers and finding better production premises. The first option would be very relaxing (assuming I’m not stalked by macaron-lovers-in-withdrawal). The second option would require time and a more commercial enterprise.

I’m deferring the final decision until the non-macaron life has settled down a bit, but there won’t be any Macarons by Duncan for normal sale in the next few months. There is a chance I’ll accept occasional requests for special orders (not wedding size!), but I can’t promise.

For those of you who subscribe to my updates via Twitter, I will start using that account for more general discussion, and updates about Syrup & Tang (my main food site). I’m not a big Tweeter at all, but if you don’t want that non-macaron stuff in your Twitter stream, I won’t be offended if you unfollow;)

If you subscribe by email, that list will simply be unused until there’s any further news.

If you’d like to stay informed about things on Syrup & Tang, follow this link to see the other subscription options.

4 thoughts on “Macaron update for early 2011”

  1. awww, so sad to see you leave the macarons behind,
    but i do hope that your non-macaron life settles down and that you get everything you want out of it.

  2. Yes.. it’s a sad thing for me too since I have learned a lot from you. But I can understand the reason. I pray that you can have whatever best for you.
    (still looking forward on your other-than-macarons recipes though.. :))

  3. Please Duncan my mouth is watering and I’m already craving a salted caramel macaron. Tell me I can buy one when I come to Melb on the 15/16 Oct. Please where. I’m in Tassie and fairly new to the macaron ….I am addicted….and salted caramel is my poison. Please help

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