Update about ways to read Syrup & Tang

Hello readers new and old (as in preserved, loyal, not dusty or neglected). This post is just a brief reminder of the various ways you can read Syrup & Tang, Macarons by Duncan, and The Gastronomer's Bookshelf online.

You can subscribe by RSS [link] if you use a feed reader (e.g. Google Reader), or email [link], which sends out a notification about 12 hours after publication of something. I don't publish articles daily on Syrup & Tang — usually there are somewhere between one and four articles per month. I also use Twitter sometimes (@byduncan).

Note that email/RSS updates about Syrup & Tang are separate from those for Macarons by Duncan. If you want to subscribe to both, you need to use the specific links in the sidebar on the Macarons by Duncan pages to add those as well. I also use Twitter to announce new info about flavours (@byduncan).

And finally, if you love discovering books about food, eating, drinking and cooking, don't forget that my other site, The Gastronomer's Bookshelf, offers regular reviews and news about interesting books, and occasional extracts. We'll be publishing an end-of-year/Christmas list of interesting books soon (in the meantime, why not look at last year's lists). Again, you can subscribe to RSS [link] or email updates from that site, or follow some of our announcements on Twitter (@thegastronomers).

Happy eating and reading!

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One response to “Update about ways to read Syrup & Tang”

  1. S Lloyd

    The RSS Feeds are a great idea, especially for your long time readers (like me) with handheld devices (iphone in my case).



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