The biscuits have left the building

And so six months of squeezing piping bags, banging trays, swearing at ovens and buying plastic boxes every time they’re on special has come to an end. Joys, travails and trivia of the adventure:

  • The mini-riot in the first week of sales at Liaison.
  • Overhearing someone complaining that my macarons had too much filling.
  • Watching someone yesterday taste one of every flavour before buying multiples of each.
  • Discovering that people are scared of nutmeg (it was the only flavour that didn’t sell fast), but unfazed by the woody unfamiliarity of licorice root.
  • Having customers carefully eat around my dot, mistakenly believing it to be a blemish of some sort.
  • Meeting some of the lovely regulars at Liaison.
  • Putting dots on macarons is almost as hard as making macarons.
  • Oh, and this:

Thanks for all your enthusiasm! Special thanks are due to Suzanne, Claire, Matt, Mark, Siâny and Danny. I wish everyone a great Christmas and a wonderful 2011. Perhaps I’ll see you next year.

Wave goodbye to my 2010 babies (the Octomum has nothing on me!)

ALEX dried cherry JULIETTE rose
ANTON pandan+coconut LUCA lemon (white, extradark, pepper)
BETH orange (white, dark) LUCILLE rose+lemon
BIANCA pure licorice root LUCY mandarin
CINDY nutmeg MATEUS durian
CLANCY fingerlime NUNO coffee
DARCY cocoa nibs (vanilla, orange) PERNILLA blackcurrant
DAVID raspberry (dark, white) RASA coconut
DIEGO cinnamon SHAREE cherry
GUSTAV Christmas spice STEFAN pistachio (white, salted)
HERBERT peppermint VIOLA violet+aniseed
JOANNA date+orange blossom YANNIC salted caramel
JUDY ginger ZARA passionfruit (white, effervescent)
JULIE mandarin+rose

7 thoughts on “The biscuits have left the building”

  1. Thanks for some awesome macarons throughout the year Duncan. By far the best I have ever tried. The 10 pack I picked up yesterday barely lasted a few hours.

    The guys at Liaison are super lovely too – Shame I don’t work in the CBD otherwise I’d be there more often.

  2. Happy Christmas Duncan – thanks for some lovely macs during the last six months – I for one like the nutmeg – and am sad to have missed out on Zara – kids at work talking about it all day today (yes -they forgot to get me one!)

    See you soon.

  3. Thanks for the macarons Duncan! There’s now something missing from my life every Tuesday and Friday morning…so please come back soon!

    And lovely to meet you. All the best for the new year!

  4. Hi there Duncan, what a delightful surprise you gave us every week, you have created a very high benchmark in macaron tasting and now that I’m in the West they and you will be sadly missed, nothing that I have tasted so far comes even close, but will keep searching.

    All the best to you in the year 2011, I will look forward to reading about your new tastes and ventures

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