Christmas week: ending my macaron season with a bang!

Every day in the week before Christmas there’ll be macarons at Liaison Café. And there’ll be quite a lot. And there’ll be pretty Christmas ones. I’ve been baking my buns off to get enough stock ready for this special week. [ALL GONE!]

[UPDATED ON: Thursday]

The macarons will usually be available from approximately 10am and should last until at least early afternoon. The café closes around 3pm. Please check back for any changes or notes (I’ll update this announcement when necessary).

Monday 20th:

  • SHAREE white (delicate cherry) / HERBERT dark (subtle peppermint) / GUSTAV milk (Christmas spice) / ANON1 (mystery flavour)

Tuesday 21st:

  • SHAREE white (delicate cherry), GUSTAV milk (Christmas spice), ANON1 (mystery flavour), ZARA white (passionfruit), HERBERT dark (subtle peppermint), and maybe JUDY dark (ginger)

Wednesday 22nd:

  • It’s MACAWRONG DAY! Most of the macarons on sale will be macawrongs, sold at two for $3. If you don’t know my macawrongs, read the announcement for my previous macawrong day here.

Thursday 23rd:

  • SHAREE white (delicate cherry), ZARA fizz (effervescent passionfruit), ZARA white (passionfruit), VIOLA white (violet + aniseed), ANON2/3/4 (mystery flavours)

Friday 24th:

  • None left, sorry!

This is the season finale for Macarons by Duncan! These will be the last macarons for a few months (returning at the earliest in March).

5 thoughts on “Christmas week: ending my macaron season with a bang!”

  1. You deserve a good break! I’m hanging to collect mine this morning – I’m salavating already…… and yes, I’ll be sharing – but only the crumbs.

  2. The Judy – ginger macarons are devine! They go beautifully with a lemon ginger tea at Liaison!

  3. oh no! i missed out and i was in the city today! my partner and i went to lunch in the city today and had some macarons at the cafe we dined in and he said i still like those other[Duncan’s] ones better. and i replied but its not tuesday or friday so we can’t get them. IF only i checked the site before hand.

    anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. =]

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