Macawrong Day! Fri 29th Oct, 2010

Life can’t always be about beautiful things, don’t you know. Behind a beautiful façade can lurk many disappointments (as many a macaron-sampler will know, especially in Australia), so it’s time to turn the tables! This Friday is MACAWRONG DAY. What’s more, limited advanced orders will be possible (see below).

On Macawrong Day, the macarons will sell at two for $3 (or four for $6).

In any food production there are always a few strays that slip through the quality control, but I do try hard to round up all the little ugly ones and store them away for a special day. On Friday you can try a range of macarons that feature familiar, uncompromised fillings, but shells that could be:

  • a bit toasty
  • a bit wrinkly
  • a bit lumpy
  • a bit leany
  • a bit blimpy
  • a bit tiddly
  • a bit wimpy
  • a bit smeary
  • a bit holey
  • or actually quite beautiful, but for reasons you (and perhaps I) cannot discern, ended up in the macawrong box.

Most macawrongs are branded with a line rather than my usual dot on the shells. If you close your eyes, I would wager that 90% of them would seem like macarights in your mouth. So if you’re fussy, close your eyes, because customers will not be permitted to discriminate against flawed macarons! 😉

There’ll be almost twice the usual number of macarons on sale, and the flavours are mostly VIOLA white, HERBERT dark, and LUCA extradark, with one or two others in very small quantities.

Limited advance orders

For people who can’t make it to Liaison Café during the Friday morning macaron-rush, this week I can arrange to reserve a limited number for collection before 2pm on Friday.

If you would like to request some, send an email (contact page link above) between 9.00am and 10.00am on Thursday only (28th Oct), including your given name, surname and a contact number.* Do not send a request outside the above period. The lucky people will be advised by about 11.00am Thurs via email.

* The information you provide will not be used for any purpose other than to record your order for macarons on the day in question.

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