Daring Bakers: pizza with p- p- p-

So here we are. It’s pizza time in the Daring Bakers’ Challenge. I love pizza. Adore the stuff. When I make it myself. None of my friends make it. Too many think of it as a fundamentally unhealthy food to be banished from the kitchen. Codswallop.

Peter Reinhart’s recipe yields a lovely crust and is in many ways a good lesson in how easy baking can be, with such delicious results. As I make pizza regularly, to do something novel required a little creativity… so I decided a 1980s flashback was in order.

The challenge was initiated by Rosa of Rosa’s Yummy Yums. For a metric version of the recipe, go and visit Y at Lemonpi. The baker’s percentages are:

  • Bread flour – 100%
  • Salt – 2.2%
  • Oil – 9.9%
  • Instant dry yeast – 0.54%
  • Water – 69.1%

I baked pizza with p-. I mean p- p-. No really, it was p- p- p-


There, I said it. I haven’t made an Hawaiian Pizza since about 1989. It’s such a popular thing in Australia. But around the world there are ‘civilised’ people, especially Europeans in my experience, who turn up their nose, snort or sneeeeeer at the thought. Pineapple on a pizza! It is true that, in my humble opinion, a shop-made Hawaiian is often a foul, foul thing. But made at home it can rise to excellence. Especially with a little pancetta and some mushroom:)

It was really yummy. And I have half a can of pineapple left… hmmm.

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  1. I must admit I’ve always cringed when I’ve seen ham and pineapple pizzas on the menu, but if your pizza tasted like your tossing looked, it must have rocked.

  2. Fundamentally unhealthy? Hmm, I think anybody who’s made pizza will beg to disagree (encourage them!). Up until you add the cheese, there’s virtually no fat in it. (not that the presence of fat is the only criteria, but still… Plenty of opportunity to load up on vegetables.)
    Okay… In 1989 I was 7. I don’t think I’d even ever had Hawaiian pizza at that time 😛 My brother thinks Hawaiian pizza is vile (he’s a bit of an anti-fruitite, at least when it comes to savory food), but I love the stuff– good food is food, and I don’t usually make any claims of authenticity anyway. (If to these people, adding pineapple to a pizza is the product of a wild imagination, that is truly a pity!) But, Duncan– canned pineapple? Tsk, tsk! Kidding! Looks quite delicious actually!

  3. Whoever said pizza is unhealthy, is clearly been eating pizza loaded with so many cheeses, process meat and who knows what else.

    I like the choice of your topping p-p-p, and the pancetta is even make this pizza sounds delicious!

    Hey, I like to see you tossing on on that dough, I borrow my son’s tripod to do the job, and I also ended up with lots of flower on my shutter button.

  4. Pineapple on pizza always seems a bit daggy but I love it – although on a vegie pizza! And I love tinned pineapple in fried rice too!

  5. Not that I’ve used pineapple recently, but I have to admit, I have fond memories of pineapple and ham pizzas. Specifically, from Shakey’s Pizza, with an order of mojo fries.. mmmMMmmmmm… weren’t the 80’s a delicious time….

  6. I’m not too fond of pineapple on pizza either, but to use up the rest of the pineapple…throw it in a blender with some crushed ice, a bit of honey, some fresh lime juice and some rum. Blend till thick and frothy. Yum. (This is a Jacques Pepin ‘pineapple frostie’.) It really IS good. Will probably go well with your pizza, BTW.

  7. Thanks for all the comments:) I almost bought a pineapple to “style it up” a bit, but then decided to be true to the original. But then I felt like pancetta when I remembered the revollllllting ham used on typical pizzeria pizzas in Australia, so it got “styled up” anyway!

    Carolina, I absolutely agree… pineapple and lime are a great combo.

  8. Your pizza looks wonderful. I have never tried pineapple on pizza. Maybe I lead a sheltered life. After looking at yours though, I am going to give it a try next time I make pizza. Well done.

  9. Oh no, horror. P-p-p, I can’t even say it. That should never, never be in a pizza. My sister loves it but I hate it with vigour and will pick out every last piece.

    Apart from that, I must try making my own pizza dough soon.

  10. You know what. I don’t mind the p work in pizza. Not store crap of course, home made. My other dirty home made pizza secret…the aussie. Yep, whack an egg on top. Daggy mcyum yum.

  11. I have three children – when we make our own pizza (we each top with our own faves) pineapple HAS to be available for the little ones. I have to say though, now and again, I too indulge, and can only agree that when you make your own, AND use proper ham/pancetta or whatever your favourite porky bit is then it really isn’t as ghastly as many may fear.

    Great to see the action shot too!

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