Where are the Australian chefs on Wikipedia?

I’ve been meaning to write this for months. Where oh where is the Australian culinary content on Wikipedia? It’s pitiful. Stephanie Alexander is completely absent. Maggie Beer is described as a ‘cook’ and doesn’t even get a mention in the category Australian chefs. Donna Hay is an Australian chef, apparently. Neither Gay nor Tony Bilson get an entry. And if you explore related categories, you’ll find that numerous significant restaurants are missing (Quay, Aria, Bennelong, Claude’s, Grossi Florentino, Mietta’s, Jacques Reymond, Vue de Monde, etc), while alongside the few notables (Bistro Moncur, Flower Drum, Berowra Waters Inn) are dross like the Pancake Parlour and Henny Penny.

I think it’s time to encourage food-aware Australians to get online and fix this! For all its flaws, Wikipedia still offers a great resource — especially when articles benefit from many knowledgable people’s input. Too often, the internet offers a wealth of thoroughly impoverished information. It can be improved! Although Australian foodbloggers are by no means the only people with knowledge of the food scene, past and present, they are at least some of the more community-minded participants in that scene. So come on guys and gals, get onto Wikipedia and fix the flaws, add content and perhaps make some of the PR drivel in some entries a little more informative. It’s fairly easy to sign up and do edits. Just keep it nice.

And don’t stop at restaurants and personalities! How about padding out the Australian cuisine section too. Heavens! The delightful Iced Vo Vo makes and appearance, but Cherry Ripe is subsumed into an article about a song. 😛

Think of it as a service to journalism… cos we know that with so few writers and editors left at various major papers, the quality of plagiarisable sources has to be at its best 😉

And if you live in another land, why not check whether there’s adequate content for your country’s/cuisine’s food scene?

Spread the word.

2 thoughts on “Where are the Australian chefs on Wikipedia?”

  1. I couldnt agree more about the dearth of Aussie content – yet we are supposed to be about the most technically savvy folk on the earth (myself definitely excluded!)

  2. It is 2013, 5 years after your initial post and the situation has not changed. I am writing an essay for a bachelor in nutrition science on change in Australian food consumption and while researching have found an appalling lack of depth for our iconic chefs. I wonder if this couldn’t be revived what with the recent success and interest as generated by programs such as Masterchef Professionals.

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