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  1. Interesting article on hospitality. You know, I am scouring my mind for any truly unpleasant encounters with the waitstaff, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a truly rude or cold one. Ditzy, forgetful, distracted, or dumb, maybe on occasion, but no-one who went out of his way to show his disdain for us. I think you will enjoy the Restaurant Life forums at eG. Especially if you relate your experience to some. Somehow the low pay and rude customers become the bottom line. Typical conversation (customer and waiter):
    C. I had this waiter. He did this and that. How annoying! I couldn’t eat in comfort.
    W. You should be glad to get such service. Or maybe you’re just a tool. These people get paid peanuts to serve idiots.
    C. If you hate it so much, why not quit?
    Then all hell breaks loose.

    About the obesity epidemic, I think there is too much of an association with borderline emaciation and glamor (see: Hilton, Lohan) without realizing that these people are all pretty miserable, millions of dollars notwithstanding. On the other hand, cardiovascular disease and diabetes always seem to be climbing. I engage in regular enough activity I think to compensate for my taste buds’ control over me, but most of my frustration stems from my perceived unattractiveness of my shirtless self! 😛

  2. Hi Manggy. The role of waitstaff does of course vary culturally as well — the example I wrote about is barely conceivable in Australia (and didn’t happen here), but quite possible in some other places;) And I agree wholeheartedly that many accounts of abysmal service reflect on the customer — I follow a lot of travel forums and the number of self-obsessed air-travellers is frightening.

    As for obesity, you make a good point about the visual perception of both emaciation and extra weight. The marketers and lobbyists can target the overweight so easily because of community attitudes to appearance, despite the ‘scientific’ basis for the victimisation being decidedly dodgy in many regards.

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