The scales of creativity

A few oddball devices I’ve found while surfing:

First off, the EggCurate digital scale. It weighs… eggs. Like, wow. Luckily it weighs anything, pretty much, but the demand for an egg-oriented scale seems, well, a tad niche.


Then we have the stylish Uma scales from Casa Bugatti. I can’t help wondering at what point they topple over. Pretty though. And as they retail in Australia for up to A$300, it’s no surprise that a websearch shows that this product is a popular ‘prize’ or ‘luxury reward’ in various points and incentive schemes.


As you might guess, I was looking for new kitchen scales. Problem solved.

8 thoughts on “The scales of creativity”

  1. Haha– while it is a little screwy, the Eggcurate scale has the distinct feature of being accurate to what looks a tenth of a gram (? just based on the picture). It’ll probably great for annoying small bread recipes/pastry that need something like 1.4g of salt. The second design is just weird.
    I bought my scale, which was made in Japan, for about A$22. It’s not much to look at and the range is 2g-5kg (accurate to a gram), but it gets the job done 🙂

  2. Hi Manggy. I have a stylish Ikea job for A$40 which I love. Same range and precision as yours:)

    I wonder WHY anyone in a home kitchen would want to measure 1.4g of salt. That’s just silly (says me, who tends to be a little pedantic about measurements).

  3. At work, I use a scale that is accurate to the fourth decimal place, so you could weigh your salt to 1.4000g. Now that would be useful wouldn’t it? Hahaha.

    We were working with potassium nitrate (highly explosive), so getting it accurate was fairly important. We were also weighing dust from filters, again the accuracy is needed.

    My home kitchens scales aren’t even accurate to 5g, hence I don’t make fancy things like macaroons that require so much accuracy :-Þ

  4. I suspect even the molecular (technoemotional;)) cooks out there don’t need that accuracy. Pop rocks, thankfully, don’t contain potassium nitrate. hehe.

    By the way, Thanh, site visitor harry discovered recently that sometimes macarons work out even without super-precise scales. I was in the room at the time. Interrresting.

  5. You’re kidding, I thought that they weighed every foam and puff to ensure the precise amount was applied to each dish (does irony translate well in text?).

    Harry must have been lucky that time I guess. The question is whether he can reproduce it.

    You should think about starting your own macaron classes, DM “macaron extraordinare” Classes.

  6. I’m sure you’d both come knocking down the door wouldn’t you! 🙂 Did you see the comment with the link to other classes and my comment about such classes in the birthday post?

    And you’ve not seen just how excruciatingly tight my kitchen is! But there is so much nagging about this that I might relent.

  7. Great! Nagged to submisssion!
    Lock the date in and I’ll be there.
    Second thoughts I have a friend thats in the process of renovating a commercial kitchen to make (very) speciality cakes… I’m sure she would love some company Duncan. As I’ve said I’ll be your contra PR person, contacts and talking for macarons.
    For now anyway, lock me in for the class!!

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