Put fibre in my coffee? I refuse.

Do you know there’s a wonderful soluble fibre supplement out there which you can add to almost anything? It dissolves completely, ‘taste free, grit free and will never thicken’. I’ve just sat through an hour of regular ad-breaks, telling me how wonderfully useful it is. Let’s put to one side for a moment the issue of GOOD DIET as the best and most sensible source of fibre, because they absolutely blew their chances with me when the first application of this product they suggested was to add it to my coffee. MY COFFEE! If they’d mentioned yoghurt and smoothies first, I might have forgiven them. But not when they put coffee front and centre. Don’t f–k with the coffee! Coffee is not meant to be a nutritional vehicle (except if you add chocolate. As everyone knows, a mocha is almost as good as a decent block of chocolate in the well-rounded-meal stakes). Keep away from the fibre supplement!

4 thoughts on “Put fibre in my coffee? I refuse.”

  1. I totally agree with you. I would never put fibre supplement in my coffee. However I do drink coffee mixed with tea. It is like “yin & yang” – quite popular in HongKong!

  2. Hi Duncan, couldn’t agree more – who wants fibre in their coffee? The WHOLE point of coffee is to not get the fibre, otherwise we could just eat the beans!
    I find the whole marketing pitch behind this product offensive, even more so as it pitches at families as a healthy option when in fact a healthy diet renders this product unnecessary for all but an unfortunate few.

  3. A few years ago i decided I wanted fibre in my fruit juice. i just cut out the middle man and started eating the whole fruit. What the world is coming to…

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