Fresh yeast bulletin

For the bakers among you, I have news of fresh yeast. Coles supermarkets (at least in Melbourne) are officially stocking fresh yeast again after a hiatus of three or four years. Rush out and buy buy buy so as to prove he sense of their decision. It would be interesting to know how many branches of Coles are actually getting it in.

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  1. i doubt mine does but will check. a couple of years ago i couldnt find any fresh yeast in richmond. i even asked the baker at chimmeys for some but they wouldnt ;(

    now i live in the hills. my local butcher doenst know what pancetta is. he has bacon.

  2. My local Coles [Altona Gate] doesn’t have it – has anyone actually been able to buy fresh yeast at Coles? Or are they leading us up the garden path?

  3. I live in berwick, asked in coles, safeway – they do not understand what “yeast” is ! after explanation a strange look and respond that they never had it…may be in bakeries? yes, they have but not allowed to sell…I think it has something to do with ausie dollar and its value…

  4. hi, sorry, i know its an “older” post, but it is new to me, having just read it =p
    on the enlightened coles front; coles in williamstown has installed a fancy cheese counter, which sells roquefort, gorgonzola, buffalo mozzerella, camembert d’isigny etc. i have to confess i’ve not strayed to that many coles’ in the leafy eastern suburbs, so i’m not entirely sure that this is not happening australia wide. but there isn’t one in st kilda so nerrr!

    said supermarket also stocks 200ml tubs of creme fraiche d’isigny.

    which is kind of great – if only it weren’t for the new small deli business across the hall…

  5. Welcome sarah. Your news about a fancypants cheesecounter is VERY interesting. I saw something hinting towards some upmarket sections in a ?Coles in ?Bondi last year, so perhaps there’s (at last) a move to emulate some of the supermarket trends overseas. But as you note, too, this is yet another threat to the small delis dotted around the suburbs.

  6. Hi there, I know this is a really old post, but getting back to the compress yeast and where you can purchase it in Melbourne. I live in the north west and was wondering if anyone could recommend any places that still sell the compressed yeast. I have found a place online that sells it,but I really dont need 12kg of the stuff. Thanks for your help and have a great day 🙂

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