Announcing: Melbourne foodblogger afternoon, Sat 7th March, 2pm

A new get-together of Melbourne's foodbloggers is here! It's been a while since foodbloggers gathered in Melbourne, and Thanh (I Eat Therefore I Am), Sarah (Sarah Cooks) and I were sad that the heatwave made it necessary to cancel the BBQ/picnic planned for early February. Thankfully, our decision was absolutely the correct one, given the awful events of that weekend.

The new event is scheduled for Saturday 7th March, 2pm, at The Commoner in Fitzroy. Yes, the very kind owners of The Commoner emailed us and offered to host the event, giving us access to their courtyard and… wait for it… their wood-fired oven (named Sergio) for heating up food.

The Commoneris at 122 Johnston Street in Fitzroy, just off Brunswick Street and easily accessible by tram 112 towards West Preston. This tram runs along Collins Street in the city, passing Spencer Street (Southern Cross) and Parliament Stations and only a short walk from Flinders Street Station. A number of eastern suburbs buses also run along Johnston Street.

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Come along! Tell other foodbloggers! As with some of the other foodblogger get-togethers, you're encouraged to bring some food (preferably to share and enjoy together). As the owners of The Commoner have been so kind as to make available their courtyard and oven free of charge, it would be preferable if people would buy drinks from the restaurant's drinks/wine list, rather than doing BYO.

Please use the comments area below to say if you'll be bringing something to share and what… this way we can try to achieve a balance between savoury and sweet. :)

We're looking forward to seeing faces familiar and new!

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38 responses to “Announcing: Melbourne foodblogger afternoon, Sat 7th March, 2pm”

  1. claire

    Can I be the first to say… hell yeah!
    A big thanks to The Commoner for their kind offer… I will be there with bells on and will be sure to buy several drinks… :)

  2. Fitzroyalty

    Wow! The meetup is now in my hood :-) That is so absolutely awesome. I will definitely be there!

  3. Cindy

    The recurring pizza oven theme continues! What a lovely offer from the Commoner folks.

    Sadly Michael & I will be out of town for the weekend but we hope y'all have a great time! (Will spread the word as best we can via our blog.)

  4. Thanh

    Since Claire will be there with bells already, I'll wear a bike horn.

    I'll buy drinks too, Pimms and Lemonade right Claire?

    Ah, no Soy Bombs from Cindy, nooooo…….

    I'm doing sweet foods, slices and cakes.

  5. Jack

    I'll be there!
    Just have to dream up something for the woodfired oven now… will get back to you about what I will bring.

  6. claire

    Correct Thanh! A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer, but a lazy summer afternoon thirst definitely needs a Pimms and lemonade (hunts around room for bells to wear on 7 March).

    I too may rethink what food to bring in consideration of the wood fired oven.

  7. Duncan

    Just a note here — The Commoner offered their oven for reheating food, but we should perhaps not expect to be using it too intensely.

  8. mellie

    D'oh! Dan and I will also be out of town at Golden Plains (is that where you're going Cindy and Michael?!?). Have a wonderful time though! Hope to catch everyone at the next one.

  9. Agnes

    Yay, I'll be there! Don't know what I'll be bringing, but it'll probably be something savoury.

  10. Cindy

    Yes, Mellie! Perhaps we can hold a mini meet-up. :-D

  11. Shannon

    Hello! I was petrified that I missed out on this last time only to discover that it had been cancelled. So I am in! Definitely! Love The Commoner!

  12. mellie

    Excellent Cindy! We'll have to rendezvous at Trippy Taco (if they're there again) or the Hare Krishnas :-)

  13. Jess

    I'm in.

    I will get back on the food that I will be bringing, as I will have to see what I pick up from the market.

  14. Anna

    Yay, count me in. I'll be brining my previously-planned food: pumpkin, feta and sage tarts, and peanut butter wudgies.

  15. Serenity-Later

    ooh! i think i'll be in town then so i'm going to try my uttmost to be there (& hopefully the other fff lot?)…now to decide on what to bring hmmm.

  16. Maria

    Oh Man, I'm going to be out of Melbourne too!! I'll be on the Gold Coast, getting some sun and eating some good food (hopefully). Hope everyone has a great time and hope to be there for the next meet up!

  17. Lorraine Ellis

    Duncan, Good news indeed! I've applied for a days annual leave so
    that I can join you .Definitely savoury.Thanks to dear Jo at 'The

  18. Sarah

    Looks like this is going to be fun! I'll be bringing German potato salad and maybe brownies.

    xox Sarah

  19. Cin

    awww, I'm going to be out of town as well. enjoy the day!

  20. Dani

    I'll be at school. Have fun!

  21. FoodieFi

    I'm a maybe at the mo – I've got a friend's 30th on that day, which I know will involve lawn bowls (hurrah!) in the afternoon, but if possible I'll get down to hang with you guys first.

  22. chocolatesuze

    aw nuts my lil melb holiday finishes on the 25th feb ah wells

  23. lorraine

    Unfortunately,an unforeseen family event has reared it's head &
    sadly I won't be there.Next time!

  24. Christy

    I can go because I don't have to work on Saturday! I'll be making financiers and another sweet which I have to decide very soon. I can only bake, so I won't be bringing any savoury food.

  25. Cath

    I'll be there. Who knows what I'm bringing! Maybe the psychic my friend saw the other day. Knows. I'm not bringing him. Psychicity freaks me out.

  26. pg


    Running around madly after kids all weekend.

    Have fun, guys!!

  27. Ed

    Okay, I've just got Will Studd to donate a stack of cheese which I will bring. See you Saturday.

  28. SJ

    Oh – I was wondering what happened on the 7th Feb. Wish I could come join in the fun on Saturday, but will be in Canberra for a wedding. Don't they know!

    Enjoy it all – and thanks to the Commoner for a great venue. Enjoy it.

  29. asti

    I'm coming too.. *since Duncan lure me with his macaroons*.
    I'll make some home made crackers & dips for snacks. I'll bring some salted caramels too if I can make it this week.
    Can't wait! See you all on saturday :)

  30. Jess

    Looks like I will be in pastry town with this weather. I see a tart forming, of the savoury variety or maybe an almond based cakey thing.

    The only thing I ever have to consider is transportation.

  31. Jack

    Great news about the cheese Ed. I will bring some cheese accompaniments, breads, lavoche and cheese friendly fruit to nibble.

  32. Anna

    I have to rescind my previous note of attendance :( It's a shame, I was looking forward to this, but something else has come up. Have fun everyone!

  33. FoodieFi

    Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it tomorrow. I'll be an early arrival, as I need to be in Fairfield for about 4 pm. My contribrution will be dips and turkish bread – not super exciting, but certainly fresh!

  34. Michael

    Hi guys, I'll be there. I haven't decided what I'm going to bring, but it will probably be chicken skewers or somesuch. See you there.

  35. claire

    See you all tomorrow! I decided cous cous salad would be too fiddly for people to eat, so will make a batch of buttery passionfruit biscuits instead.

  36. Jess

    Ok, so, I made a sweet and savoury.

    I am quite a indecisive girl.

    See you kids tomorrow.



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