George Monbiot’s orchard

George Monbiot, British journalist and activist, recently published a lovely piece about growing produce for yourself and why supermarkets can’t give you the beautiful fruit you might desire. The article isn’t heavyweight, but the enthusiasm for growing your own fruit is infectious.

Strange Fruit, 2nd September 2008

5 thoughts on “George Monbiot’s orchard”

  1. nice article. we have just started our ‘orchard’, at last count a lemon, lime, olive, fig, vine leaf(for dolmades), apple(2 varieties)and pomegranate. we would have planted more but i think we will just be feeding possums 🙁 Now i just have to wait 3 years!

  2. Your orchard sounds great Ran:) The waiting is a killer! I need to try growing citrus in pots — the fact that I rent has always been a deterrent to investing in things which take a while.

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