The Gobbler on food costs and aged care

The financial bottomline often leaves people in care exposed to inadequate catering and little gastronomic freedom. The Gobbler writes about the bleakness of the drive to minimise food costs and the discussion in the comments explores cost, taste and the future.

the bean-counters first stop is always the kitchen, as it seems the fattest target to put on a diet

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2 responses to “The Gobbler on food costs and aged care”

  1. Dani

    No time to read The gobbler right this minute, will come back to it. BUT I feel the need to scream outrage. Yes the kitchen takes much of the fat but costs can be cut without sacrificing nutrition, flavour or variety.

    I'm sure I'll be back with more on this when I stop my Ankle Biters from torturing one another.

  2. Cupcaker

    Unfortunately, it's not just those in care who are subsisting when it comes to good quality food. I'd not really ever considered the situation until I went shopping with my pensioner Mum recently. Scary, scary stuff. Nothing full price, everything marked down and on it's last gasp of freshness. It was quite a slap in the face. (Needless to say, I am now secretly supplementing her grocery shop and having CRAFT moments when receiving offers of payment). Based on our current level of retail food pricing, without even contemplating restaurant meals, I do NOT want to get old dependant on the Govt to keep me fed.



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