Pancakes. In a spraycan.

Inured to all sorts of convenience-food abominations, there are still some things which seem so ‘convenient’ that you can’t believe they could be a viable product. Today’s exhibit is pancake batter in a spraycan, called Batter Blaster. Blurk.

But wait! It’s okay. You see, it’s organic.

Would you give it a squirt if it were sold in Australia?

My source of enlightenment: Boing Boing

6 thoughts on “Pancakes. In a spraycan.”

  1. Hmmm. Why does that whole production seem so low-budget? It betrays the flashy design and logo. Anyway.

    Based on the incredibly tacky video, it doesn’t seem to be aerosolized. So it’s just pancake batter in a nifty dispenser. I thought it’d have some unique pastry applications, like maybe stenciled crepes or pancake dust (?), but it looks kind of limited, unless it is my imagination that is limited, which of course I’m not ruling out.

    The clean-up aspect is attractive. Just the fact that it doesn’t need a bowl is sure to grab a few (or a lot of) sales. However, it only holds a little over 500g– how many pancakes would that make? 10? 8? In the end, it would create so much garbage for a few measly pancakes. Not good.

  2. Yes I too could see the fun of aerosolised thin batter, but no, this is just pressurised thick stuff. The incredibly daggy video is stunning. Makes life worth living… or something.

    For the amount of waste material it creates, I would have thought a non-metal, unpressurised container would have been far preferable. Perhaps there are product spoilage issues in that though.

  3. Scary. How lazy can people get! The video is terrible, like something out of the sixties. I must admit, at first I thought it had potential, because the extra air incorporated into the batter might make the pancakes even more light and fluffy..?

  4. It’s disturbing. How freakin lazy is that. Wouldn’t the little girl have more fun and enjoy spending time with her mum, if they made the pancakes themselves.

    Very funny though 🙂

  5. I’ve been making pancakes since I was eight. Yes, people it’s that simple. It takes a bowl or a jug and a whisk to make. I don’t even measure the ingredients. A couple of eggs, some flour, milk, melted butter, perhaps some lemon rind or not, castor sugar or salt depending on the application. Let it sit for five minutes and it’s done. If it’s too thin add more flour; too thick add water or milk; easy. Put whisk and jug in the dishwasher.

    A spray can would take away the joy of swirling the batter around the pan. I think the idea of making pancakes is harder than actually making them, hence the a niche in the market that gave the opportunity for the spray on pancake batter.

    If you want light and fluffy you need only use good flour, with the freshest milk and eggs you can get. That can mix is full of unnecessary ingredients which have probably been added for the sake of getting the stuff to last in a can.

  6. But sticky, I don’t have a dishwasher. 😛 Seriously though, I know recipes that make it all sound harder, and people who really couldn’t make pancakes if their life depended on it. As with so many things, what is simple to one person is a pile of uncoordinated parameters to another…

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