Syrup & Tang goes live

Welcome, gentle reader, to syrupandtang. The beauuuuutiful design is the result of many long, hot summer days and long, grumpy late nights over the last four months. You do find it beauuuuuutiful don’t you? (This is a rhetorical question.) The site will probably need a few tweaks as I discover things I missed or decide that I don’t find some features beauuuuuutiful enough. Do tell me if you find something which isn’t working as you think it should. Some technical notes are found here.

One paragraph down and still no mention of content. {chagrin} Food. Eating. Drinking. Travelling. Thinking. That’s what it’s all about. This isn’t a diary and I’m unlikely to tell you what I had for dinner. I hope you enjoy what you read on syrupandtang. And if you have a comment you’re welcome to leave one here, under a specific article, or send one directly to me via the contact form.

Now click away as you choose:)

– Duncan

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