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This site is, quite simply, copyright.

Copyright applies to the design of the site, the images and graphic devices used, and of course to all textual material. Except where otherwise indicated in the ‘About this site’ page, copyright belongs to Duncan Markham.

Copyright means that no-one is permitted to copy, save, reproduce, publish or distribute the content of this site without explicit prior permission from the owner (me).

Content licensing

If you are a publisher or editor who is interested in using content from this site in your publication, please feel free to contact me for details of content licensing.



Comments submitted via the comments link for each article/entry on this site are subject to review and moderation. This doesn’t mean I only want nice comments. Comments which are constructive — positive or negative — will be published if they contribute to the dialogue on the site. Comments which are abusive, offensive or untempered will not be published and are subject to the general statement below about abusive behaviour. Anonymous comments will rarely be posted. Compliments are always appreciated, but might not be published in order to save space.

Emails, letters and voice messages

Any correspondence or messages from visitors to this site may be published in part or in their entirety if I so choose, except where the contact is clearly intended to be private or is identified as confidential by the sender. Note that a request for confidentiality will not be respected if the sender is attempting to influence the content of this site through any means (e.g. coercion, abuse, inducement).

Abuse and aggression

Some people on the internet are less careful and polite in their reactions than they might otherwise be. In the unlikely even that a person or company engages in abusive or aggressive behaviour towards me, visitors, or this site (including strategic litigation to prevent fair comment), that person or company will be named (name, email address, IP address) on this site.


I will consider submissions of products/items for review on this site if they are appropriate to the site and the submitting person or company understands the conditions for accepting submission.

This site is primarily about food, cooking and eating. At times it also touches on travel, technology, politics and related topics.

If you would like to submit something for review, you are welcome to contact me.

Terms and conditions applying to items submitted for review

  • I do not undertake to review the item.
  • Items submitted for review will not normally be returned to the sender (any return must be negotiated in advance).
  • It is wise to look through the site to gain some impression of what interests me and what I might accept for review.
  • The reviews are not ‘puff-pieces’, so the submitter shouldn’t expect a review to form part of a marketing strategy – the reviews are honest opinions and may be good, bad, dull, entertaining, laudatory or scathing. Praise is only given where it is deserved, and that is, of course, a matter of opinion.
  • If you aren’t willing to accept criticism of your product/service, don’t submit it for review.
  • Visitors to this site may be given the opportunity to comment on a review or the actual item/service.
  • There is no automatic right of reply by the supplier/manufacturer of the item/service. If a review is particularly negative, I might consider publishing a reply if it is clear, factual and avoids marketing spin.
  • If a review contains factual errors, these will of course be corrected as soon as possible after I become aware of them.
  • Reviews (as with all other content on this site) are copyright. Permission is required if you want to use anything published on this site.
  • All reviews will state whether the item/service was supplied free or at a discount to me and by whom. Similarly, if I have independently obtained or purchased an item/service, this will be clearly stated.
  • From time to time, other people may be invited to review products/services which have been submitted to me. The above conditions will also apply in these cases.

Things I don’t often do:

  • Restaurant reviews