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Storing your chocolates in style

How do you store your chocolate? At various times I’ve made sure my chocolate was happily resting in the following places:

  • my tummy
  • my mouth
  • my hand
  • chucked to the back of a cupboard
  • (rarely) the fridge
  • an Esky (insulated box)
  • an insulated bag

Of course, my 5kg block of Callebaut is hard to store anywhere but on the dining table, though it is now down to 3kg, so almost fits in my insulated bag.

Meanwhile, some people have waaaaay too much money to burn and invest in the likes of this:


Yes, that’s right, for a mere USD 825 you too can have this lovely ‘vault’. And if you’re thinking that’s excessive, consider how much the chocolates from Richart cost, and you’ll see it’s not too much of an ask to spend that little bit on the box. Ho ho ho.

I wrote about Richart’s chocolates at the end of 2007. They were distinctly yummy, a tad too delicate at times, exquisitely presented, not for everyday eating unless you have a poodle and a millionaire nearby.

Source: thanks to Stickyfingers for drawing this to my attention.

Average US diet includes 235 grams of meat a day

An interesting article by US food writer Mark Bittman in the New York Times discusses the various negative aspects of high consumption of meat. In Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler, Bittman concentrates primarily on industry and environmental issues.

It’s an odd piece, using a range of facts, some rather random, to support an argument that Americans should eat less meat. Some of his figures are contradictory: the claim that the US diet includes eight ounces (235 gm) of meat per day doesn’t match a later statement:

Americans are downing close to 200 pounds of meat, poultry and fish per capita per year

Eight ounces (235 gm) per day would be 188 pounds per year… yet Bittman says 200 pounds of meat, poultry and fish.

Still, it’s a hell of a lot either way. I eat at most 400 gm red meat and poultry per week, so less than 60 gm (2 oz) per day. How much meat do you or those around you eat per day?

NB: A greatly edited version of Bittman’s article appeared in The Age, Melbourne, but it’s not worth linking to.