Syrup & Tang’s 4th anniversary and time for a new look

Time flies when you’re busy eating delectable things and making biscuits. I’m marking four years of Syrup & Tang by changing the look a bit (the last time was two year back). I hope my readers like the new design and continue to enjoy my writings.

If you notice anything that’s not working well, please leave a comment here or email me. There are still a few minor changes to implement this week, so keep an eye out for them.

The new design retains elements which have been there since the beginning, including (of course!) the sharp blade. 😉 I’ve also taken this as an opportunity to increase the photographic elements a little, though not as a photoblog – I do a lot of photography, but Syrup & Tang is about communicating about food rather than showcasing photos.

I always use a redesign to refine my CSS skills and I endeavour to make every design fully compatible with the majority of browsers. This time I’ve abandoned catering for Internet Explorer 6 – less than 2.5% of readers are using that piece of rubbish now, thank goodness – but the site should still be mostly functional for them.

Happy eating!

8 thoughts on “Syrup & Tang’s 4th anniversary and time for a new look”

  1. Each I time google something macaron related, your blog always came up first. I never knew that your blog is already four years old! Well, happy 4th anni!

  2. Congratulations on the blog anniversary! I might have to limit my visits to *after* breakfast, though – I am now hankering after a macaron, a Portuguese tart and a canele.

  3. Joyeux anniversaire 😉

    Love the new look, and the rotating tasty preserves is very snazzy!

    I hope the year to come is full of great articles and lots of readers.

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