First flavours – from 28 April 2010

Welcome to the first two flavours! Permit me to introduce Clancy and Zara.


CLANCY dark: small bursts of the juice of an Australian native finger lime (a hint of pepper in the flavour) are a refreshing surprise, hidden in a dark chocolate ganache.

ZARA white: fresh passionfruit in a white chocolate ganache.

6 thoughts on “First flavours – from 28 April 2010”

  1. I tried both of these today and they are divine. I love the “pop” of the lime. In fact, I bought some to share with my partner, but am finding it very hard to resist eating those too. Perhaps I just have to give in and pretend they never happened.

  2. LOL Nationwide shipping is a looooooooong way away. Glad you all like the concept of these flavours, and thanks to Injera for her positive impressions. New flavours coming…

  3. I was fortunate enough to have a taste of both Clancy & Zara today and was left wanting!

    Now I know nationwide shipping is a long way off, but how about the other side of the river?

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