Cakes to make you vomit

I just tripped across a very funny article about a US television cook who seems to create all sorts of abominations. The commentary is funny and the pics and vid are great illustrations.

Kwanzaa Cake by Sandra Lee and Other Edible Hate Crimes

It's very much in the vein of some of those astoundingly bad recipes you can find on places like recipezaar (alongside the good ones) and other sites.

The link in the above article to the foodnetwork no longer works, so here's the YouTube version. We are ready to frost!

Bucket please!

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16 responses to “Cakes to make you vomit”

  1. elra

    Good grace Duncan, who watch her show? putting corn as decoration? She must be something else…

  2. Manggy

    Duncan, she's just being avant-garde. The apple-chocolate-cinnamon combination has been used by Pierre Herme for his Mozart cake. I think though people may ridicule her now, she's just ahead of our time. Lol.

    Thank you for the video clip. One more reason to laugh today (or was that vomit? Can't tell the difference.) I think she totally deserves whatever she has coming to her when she eats it. Too bad there's no evidence of that in the video.

    I referenced another one of her offenses here, and there's a video (of her on a diff show) here. You can find a picture of an actual Kwanzaa cake attempt here. The youtube comments of the Kwanzaa cake video you showed us are equally priceless!

  3. Amelita (Squishy)

    That cake looked gross man!

  4. Thanh

    Why have I not heard of this woman before. I must Youtube her. I will have endless hours of enjoyment watching her awful cakes when I'm bored.

    Someone has to recreate the Kwanzaa cake just to be definite of it's awfulness. :-)

  5. Campbell

    That's fantastic. Buy a whole lot of pre-made food from the store – put them together inappropriately – and Hey! Presto. It's cooking the Ikea way. Some people have no shame. Kudos for finding the clip though.

  6. The Old Foodie

    I am stunned speechless – a rare state indeed, if I do say so myself.

  7. barbara

    This cake could be straight out of the pages of White Trash Cooking

  8. nikki

    *LOL* OMG the candles! the everything-from-a-can! and she demonstrates it all with such confidence. Priceless!

  9. Jude

    "Edible hate crimes?" That's hilarious!

  10. Cin

    I don't get it. I just don't get it…my head hurts thinking about it. Make it go away, PLEASE!

  11. Dani

    I am traumatised. And yet not surprised. I have inlaws in America who would probably eat and enjoy that. Then they would get upset with me for not eating it.

  12. Anna

    That's, uh, interesting…

  13. Ella

    It's an abomination as any kind of cake, but a Kwanzaa cake? Surely that qualifies as a hate crime.

  14. culinainc

    I have a cookware store and a cooking school. The Food Network plays all day. Her creations are horrible…always.

  15. PeckoPeko

    OMG- how does someone with her obvious lack of culinary skills get a cooking show?
    She seems to only use pre-made goods, the cake decoration, and flavour combinations are awful.


  16. Mat

    Sandra Lee is usually high or drunk on these tapings, which does explain a lot, anything she has done in my opinion is a disaster or one waiting to happen



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