All I want for my birthday is …

All I want for my birthday is one of these:



Pierre Hermé: Tarte au café

and one of these:


Pierre Hermé: Ispahan

Actually, make it two of each. Burp.

Now, if any reader can point me in the direction of someone in Australia making pâtisserie of this quality, I'd be much obliged. I wonder if I'll be deafened by silence. :(

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15 responses to “All I want for my birthday is …”

  1. Sarah

    Well I daresay you could try making some of your own… I tried those salted caramel macarons of yours at the blogger's banquet – very yummy!

    xox Sarah

  2. Manggy

    While I'm not about to claim that patisserie here in Manila is at the cutting edge or anything, I'm kind of surprised you haven't found a suitable alternative to PH there. (Then again, I've never been to Australia…)

    Anyway, you are more than capable of conjuring up treats that equal PH's!! :)

  3. elra

    I found your site when I search for macaron recipe. Love the explaination and step by step technique. Yours is the most comprehensible. Now, I keep checking your website periodically.

    On your birthday wish, like Mangi, it is surprising that you couldn't find at least almost similar quality patisserie in Australia.
    I have my birthday wish too…. and would love to have the macaron. Since I live in Northern CA, I suppose I can easily drive to Yountville (The French laundry) to (maybe) ask for special request to Claire Clark to make this macaron. I am skeptical wether she'll respond to my request!!!!!!! I'll try………

    By the way,when is your birthday?

  4. Y

    I had Zumbo's version of the Ispahan in Feb of this year and thought it was pretty good. You might want to check the place out when you're in Sydney.

  5. grocer

    i know where to get something like that.
    THis guy in melbourne called duncan makes them!

  6. Vida

    When is it your birthday?? Would cupcakes do as a weak compromise?? Vida x

  7. harry

    When is it his birthday? Today! And I nearly forgot!!

    Happy birthday!!!

  8. neil

    Can't help with that, but I can say Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Thanh

    Can I add my name for some PH desserts for my birthday next year as well.

    Happy Birthday Duncan.

  10. Y


  11. elra

    I couldn't figure out when is your birthday, but seems like everybody wishes you a happy birthday. I guess it was yesterday?

  12. JSL@Palate

    Here you go..

    link to Savour School

    You can learn how to make 'em yourself by someone who trained under PH. Waddya mean you don't have 1200 bucks?!

    PS – Happy birthday!



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