Going Iberian (plus Paris)… eating tips sought

Hello my lovely gastronauts. Guess what? I’m off to Iberia (and Paris). Quite soon, actually. Impending, so to speak. So bring on the tips. But wait! Read where I’m off to first…

So, this is the itinerary:

an evening in Madrid (it’s a transity thing, so no, I’m not on a Contiki tour or something)
2.5 days in Córdoba
2 days in Granada
3 days in Sevilla (and possibly Ronda)
1.5 days in Elvas (Portugal, Alto Alentejo)
4 days in Évora (Portugal, Alto Alentejo)
5 days in Lisbon — I know Lisbon well, so only super-hot new things or personal secrets, please
5 days in Paris — I know Paris well, so again, only super-hot new things or personal secrets, please

And remember that yours truly is mostly obsessed with savoury or sweet traditional cooking, plus chocolate, cakes and pastries. Plus the occasionally glitzy-glam novelty.

3 thoughts on “Going Iberian (plus Paris)… eating tips sought”

  1. G’day Duncan-Half your luck you canny fellow!
    If possible I woukld like to know

    *Tell me what the average peopLe in the Ille de France buy for their grocery shopping etc
    *I am intersetd in what the average Joeseph would buy for their daily meals, how they view products from abroad, do they eat a typically ‘Frech Diet”. do they see produce from France as superior, Europe Superior etc.
    *The same goes for the Spaniards & Portuguese
    * Do they know of El Builli, Maguritz(is that how you spell it?) & what does the verege Jose make of it? Is this stuyle of food embraced by the average Ibericos?
    * I’m sad to also ask, “Where do we in Os, stand in their world view of gastronomic culture?” Not that I need some sort of cap-in-hand-hat-tipping defernece toward Europe, BUT I would like to know if we are on their radar.

    Have a loveley time all the same, I’m envious!

  2. I’m feeling slightly abandoned by my readers! Silence on the travel-tip front. Hmph. But Gobbler, I’ll certainly try to comment on the issues you raise and thanks for the good wishes:)

  3. Sorry Duncan, can’t think of anything to recommend, seeing as you say you know Paris well and I haven’t been to any of the other places… yet! Have you been to Poujouran? Hope you have a great holiday! I’m very envious 🙂

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