The new black — Syrup & Tang has new clothes


Gourmands and gourmets, look at me! After a month of rest and relaxation slaving over CSS and HTML and swearing at Photoshop, Syrup & Tang has a very new look. Less pastel and more Melbourne-style black. {For aliens, Melbourne is often said in Australia to be the home of people dressed in black all year round.}

As you’ll have noticed from the front page, a number of things have been reorganised. Here’s a list of the major changes:

  • I wanted to have a slightly more magazine-style layout and increase the visibility of older posts. Recent items are now shown in a ‘Ripe’ column, while popular or interesting older items are in a ‘Preserved’ column. The most recent article has a larger feature box.
  • The sidebar now contains a special section called ‘World News, Views, Chews’. Here you’ll see a diversity of morsels that I gather from my readings and surfings, including interesting or amusing news items, products or other stimulants of discussion. You can click through to read and discuss as normal — they are normal posts that will be part of the RSS/Email feed and can be viewed as normal articles, but they will not appear in the main part of the front page.
  • A tighter banner design was necessary to permit a little more open space on the front page.

You’ll notice a number of other aesthetic modifications. I hope most people like the new look!

If you have any problems with the display of pages or notice any malfunctions, please leave a comment or contact me directly. As always, I must nag people who use Internet Explorer 6 to upgrade/defect/do something!


After all this hard work, I think I need a little bit of chocolate to help me sleep at night. I blame all the IE6 users who cause me so much sleeplessness 😛