Season’s greetings from Syrup & Tang to readers known and unknown (reveal yourselves!)


I’d like to wish all of the visitors to, readers of and commenters on Syrup & Tang a wonderful, tasty Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas then I hope you can reinterpret the sentiments to apply to you too! I’m a broad-minded eater;)

So, dear readers, if you haven’t already popped up in the comments somewhere previously, why not say hi and introduce yourself? (Once you’ve finished with the pork, turkey, ham, duck, goose, chook, nutroast and pudding, if you prefer!)

I’d love to know who my readers are.


Meanwhile, I’m just popping around to my neighbours’ with loaves of bread for Christmas (and you thought it’d be macarons, didn’t you!). Slow-ferment olive and parmesan bread… They’re lucky I haven’t start chewing on the loaves already. I hope they’re all home!

Best wishes to all (and my friends too:P)

7 thoughts on “Season’s greetings from Syrup & Tang to readers known and unknown (reveal yourselves!)”

  1. Are you sure we’re not neighbours? I’m still waiting for you to drop by with that amazing looking loaf of bread.. *taps foot*

  2. Duncan, have a wonderful Christmas with all the comfort and joy you can squeeze in…without resorting to tracksuit pants to loosen the waistline of course – LOL!

    We’re joining a throng of 24 today and for once it’s not solely my responsibility to do all the cooking – just the driving 😉

    Have a lovely day everyone. xxxxxx

  3. Merry Christmas to you, Duncan. Looking forward to reading more food adventures next year!
    I may have some difficulties adapting to new work environment, the weather, Aussie accents & cultures after a hiatus of many, many years but food, I have no problem with that! I must be a glutton 🙂
    p/s I tried some macarons from Laurent. Not great but at least I know what they taste like..

  4. Hey Duncan,

    Just outing myself as a big fan of your blog esp. the macaron installments. I’m not even going to contemplate making these wonders myself, but i certainly have enjoyed learning more about them and hope to one day enjoy the real deal macarons. Also look forward to reading your blog in the new year too!

    All the best and happy new year!

  5. Glad you’ve enjoyed reading, Serenity. Hope to see you here again! May your 2008 be great.

    And the same to the Purple Goddess! Hope you had a good Xmas (etc etc).

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