OMG I can still make macarons!

Ten months after I last donned my patissier gear and squeezed out a few hundred macarons, I returned to the piping bags for a brief baking blitz. My back hurt for two weeks. So then I made a cake instead.

Pierre Hermé's book on macarons is now in English

The most impressive book on macarons is now in English! Pierre Hermé's 2008 French book "Macaron" is out this month in English.

The flexible macaron Top 20 and why I'm off it

Many people have asked me why I'm not participating in the Melbourne Macaron competition, I've decided I need to write an explanation of my perspective. It's about rules and fees and up-front transparency.

Short and sweet: it seems Adriano Zumbo will be a Melbourne fixture

The Age newspaper this morning mentioned in it's local gossip column that Sydney pâtissier and Masterchef regular Adriano Zumbo is on his way to having a presence in Melbourne. I wonder if that explains his increasingly frequent visits!


Could this mean tastier times to come in Melbourne?

Macarons at Liaison café

For those of you who like my macarons, click here to read more about what's happening at Liaison café in Melbourne.

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