Duncan's Degustations – Dr Oetker frozen pizzas

Like a gift from the heavens, a PR person offered me frozen pizzas to sample. I'm not the ideal candidate, but with my Duncan's Degustations series underway, how could I resist the opportunity to add to my spectrum of likely-ick experiences? Little did I know I'd end up with a freezer full of Dr Oetker's odd pizzas.

Duncan's Degustations – KFC's The Double thingamajig

As far as I can recall, I've never voluntarily entered a KFC "restaurant". Occasionally, social pressures mean I have to tag along. Sometimes it means I eat a piece of chicken. If you have to dine in the enemy's clutches, you might as well make it an experiment. As KFC's "The Double" is the latest nutritional-outrage-fuelling fast food product, it seemed like an ideal target for the second epsiode of Duncan's Degustations!

Duncan's Degustations – Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil's Food Cake

This is the opening episode of a new occasional article series on Syrup & Tang, called Duncan's D├ęgustations. As a public service (or personal torment) I'll be exposing myself to foods I would normally be sceptical about for one reason or another, just to see if my prejudices are unfounded. I've chosen a Betty Crocker packet cake mix to start things off.

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