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Duncan Markham is a freelance writer and editor. He writes primarily about cooking, ingredients, recipes, products, food issues (including policy) and cultural contexts. He has come to foodwriting through a strong, informed interest in cooking and eating, and an academic background in analysis and explanation. Duncan wrote a number of articles for The Age newspaper, 'Epicure' section, Melbourne[AU-flag], between 2003 and 2006, and a guide to making macarons was published in the National Baking Industry Association magazine launch edition in 2009. Duncan was awarded Highly Commended in the Best New Writer category of the Vittoria Australian Food Media Awards 2004.

For most of 2008, Duncan was editor for the website I eat I drink I work, commissioning content and managing content publication, and then coordinating the move to a new site design in December 2008.

In December 2008, Duncan launched the collaborative book review site The Gastronomer's Bookshelf, and runs it with the help of co-editor Mark Manguerra of No Special Effects.

Duncan has also written pieces for textbooks by Insight Publications, has experience as an academic copy-editor, has translated restaurant and hotel reviews German>English and was the Australian localiser for a large USAmerican cookbook internationalisation project. He speaks English, German and Swedish, with smatterings of French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish.

A media profile is available on request to publishers and other parties interested in his services.

Better-known facts

  • Chocolate is Duncan's staple
  • Espresso coffee is his primary liquid nourishment, followed closely by vacuum brewer coffee
  • In 1995 Duncan swore off buying any more cookbooks. He had about 15. In 2007 the collection exceeded 200.

Lesser-known facts

  • He loves German-style wheat beers (Belgian ones are okay)
  • He feels guilty if his food has the words 'instant', 'ready' or 'quick' on the packaging
  • He gets stressed about the number of cookbooks he owns which haven't yet been cooked from
  • He gets irate about USAmerican authors who overlook the bazillions of metricated people in the world

Contact details

To contact Duncan, please go to the contact form.

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