Pre-orders available for the Monday before Christmas! [UPDATED]

One of the difficulties of small scale artisan production is finding ways to supply customers who can't make it to the café during the (sometimes rather small) window of availability. I'm pleased to tell you that I can offer some pre-orders for collection on Monday 20th December. [QUOTA REACHED, BUT YOU CAN STILL REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN CASE THERE ARE EXTRAS OR SOMEONE CHANGES THEIR MIND]

You can place requests for up to ten macarons, at $3 each.

Collection from Liaison Café will be between 10.00am and 2.30pm only on Monday 20th December. The macarons will be best for eating on the day (but you can of course keep them longer).

The range of flavours is:

  • HERBERT dark: subtle peppermint and dark chocolate ganache
  • VIOLA white: violet and aniseed ganache
  • JUDY dark: ginger flavoured dark chocolate ganache
  • SHAREE white: delicate cherry flavour macarons with Christmassy appearance
  • and one more Christmas flavour that I'm still working on;)

If you want specific flavours from the above list, you are welcome to request them, but as there aren't equal numbers, I won't be able to accommodate every request.

Email to christmas2010 @ syrupandtang. com (remove the spaces), telling me your request and on the last line putting your first name, last name, email and contact number (not just a signature). [QUOTA REACHED, BUT YOU CAN STILL REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN CASE THERE ARE EXTRAS OR SOMEONE CHANGES THEIR MIND]

I'll make a note on this announcement when the maximum number of orders has been reached.

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One response to “Pre-orders available for the Monday before Christmas! [UPDATED]”

  1. Janet

    Hey Duncan,

    I eagerly await all your updates, with the hope that you'll announce new ways for your adoring public to sample your wares. I'm yet to have a taste, and this will sadly be the case for some time yet, since I have a job in the bayside suburbs, with management that probably won't understand if I tell them I have to have the day off to buy some "biscuits" in the city (if only they knew how divine, and worthy of pursuit macarons are!).

    Long story short, any chance of releasing some on a weekend, or via a cafe south of the city?

    Yours in good taste,



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