Raspberry gets fruity and coffee meets choc, 9th Nov, 2010

If you liked the return of DAVID dark last week, there's a new raspberry for you this time, and it's mostly about the fruit. And NUNO milk is back with coffeeness. Tuesday 9th Nov brings you:

  • DAVID white: Raspberry in white chocolate ganache. I think the raspberry really shines through in this one.
  • NUNO milk: Coffee and milk chocolate ganache surrounded by chocolate macaron shells.

For those who didn't see the note last week, the shells have a new type of dot on them. Although there have been one or two café customers who thought the dot was a spot of mould and neatly nibbled around it, most of you know it's my brand on the shell. As warmer days have come along, the old dot ingredients were proving too soft to stay put neatly, so I've gone over to a new dot. It's flat and not always as bright (I'm still experimenting).

The café starts selling the macarons around 10am and there is usually a limit of four per person to be fair to everyone. For new visitors, the macarons tend to sell out within an hour sometimes a little slower.

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