Pink and orange and brown-green, plus something stinky, on Fri 26th Nov, 2010

Tomorrow (Friday) it's a spectrum of colours.

  • JOANNA white: date and orange blossom.
  • STEFAN salted: delicate pistachio with salt, in a chocolate shell.
  • DAVID dark: raspberries in dark chocolate.
  • and there is a very small number of a new flavour MATEUS white: stinky, custardy fermented grilled onion flavour in a coconut shell. Can you guess what that might really be? Only one per person of these until sold out.

I hope you like them!

Please note that the Liaison Café staff/owners cannot take pre-orders – a few people have been insisting too strongly that they should.

NO MACARONS on Tues 30th Nov and Fri 3rd Dec!

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One response to “Pink and orange and brown-green, plus something stinky, on Fri 26th Nov, 2010”

  1. Macaron enthusiast

    Hi Duncan…
    one word- DIVINE… a much needed dose of the fav Raspberry (finally got to Liaison in time) the shell- a lovely light texture and the ganache… a perfect combination of Raspberry pieces and Chocolate! and Mateus… i must say the most unique i have ever seen Durian presented… and amazing all the same! and the coconut.. a nice surprise to top it all off! Jackfruit next?

    THANKS, a great way to cruise into the weekend! :)

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