Elegantly black BIANCA for Fri 19th Nov, 2010

Elegantly dressed, meet BIANCA in black…

  • BIANCA pure: pure licorice root. Most people only know licorice as the aniseed dominated lolly. Licorice root is different. There are strong woody notes, a touch of anise and a curious natural sweetness. This flavour is without doubt the most unusual one I've done. Up front are the woody notes perhaps a little reminiscent of a curry powder, followed by the mildly bitter anise quality. Most taste-testers like it, but it is an unusual flavour, so I'm sure some people won't.
  • JOANNA white: the return of last week's beautiful date and orange blossom.
  • and NUNO milk: coffee in milk chocolate ganache, with a chocolate shell.

I hope you like them!

There'll be macarons tomorrow and next week as usual, but no macarons on Tues 30th Nov.

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