Coconutty goodness for Tues, 23rd Nov, 2010

Last week you might have met BIANCA in black, and she's back this Tues, accompanied by the return of the coconutty friends RASA and ANTON.

  • BIANCA pure: pure licorice root.
  • RASA milk: coconut with milk chocolate. Last time the coconut was toasted, but I now feel it's better left untoasted, and I'm using a milk chocolate that suits the coconut better too.
  • and ANTON white: pandan (screwpine) flavoured ganache in a coconut shell.

I hope you like them!

There'll be macarons this week as usual, but no macarons on Tues 30th Nov or Fri 3rd Dec.

The macarons are selling out fast at the moment!

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