Floral, fruity and nutty on Fri, 12th Nov, 2010

Tomorrow (Friday) brings a special flavour. I had meant to do it for Ramadan, but time and testing weren't working in my favour, so here it is, many weeks later:

  • JOANNA white: date and orange blossom. As you can probably imagine, this is pretty sweet and perfumed. It's not often that I love a new flavour during production (a few days later, I have more time to taste and enjoy), but I must say I *really* like this one (no surprise to those of you who know I like floral aromas).

Accompanying JOANNA white are these two familiar friends:

  • STEFAN white: delicate pistachio.
  • LUCA extradark: sour, bitter, sweet… that's lemon and dark choc 70%.

I hope you like them!

At the moment, the macarons are selling out really fast again (why? the warm weather? who knows!).

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