Plain old yummy pistachio, plus LUCA extradark for Fri 22nd Oct, 2010

If you didn't get to try salted pistachio on Tuesday… tough! It's back to unsalted on tomorrow (Fri). And a dark favourite too.

  • STEFAN white: delicate pistachio.
  • LUCA extradark: sour, bitter, sweet… that's lemon and dark choc 70%. Not for the fainthearted

I hope you like them!

Note that the café now starts selling the macarons around 10am and there is usually a limit of four per person to be fair to everyone. For new visitors, the macarons tend to sell out within an hour sometimes a little slower.

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One response to “Plain old yummy pistachio, plus LUCA extradark for Fri 22nd Oct, 2010”

  1. daantartsincanberra

    I just discovered your site and find it very inspiring. Currently, I supply macaron to 1 cafe in Canberra, as a hobby, and lately have just been too busy to update my blog. Canberra is still behind the times with macaron but will slowly get there. I'm trying to change Canberra one colour at a time:)

    Just got a new miele oven so am going through the learning curve again on a whole new technical level eg. fan forced plus, conventional, moisture plus, moisture reduction… ouch, my head hurts… too much info at the moment. Interesting to note that Shannon Bennett recommends using moisture plus in the miele for macaron.. yet to try this out.

    Looking forward to a macaron masterclass with [NAME OF ESTABLISHMENT REMOVED] in Sydney in the next couple of weeks with Jean-Michel Raynaud. Hopefully, I'll get some good trouble shooting tips. So far, I'm self taught and have used [NAME OF ESTABLISHMENT REMOVED] methodology in conjuction with techniques from Pierre Herme.

    Anyway, great blog – hope to see more photo's of some of your masterpieces.

    [Duncan's editorial note: Mention of one establishment in Sydney (edited out above) has been banned on this site recently due to a number of self-promoting comments left by people associated with them (a PR technique known as "shilling"). This ban applies to all mentions of the establishment on Syrup & Tang, even by genuine commenters such as the person above.]



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