Nutmeggy and violetty for Friday 8th Oct, 2010

Gosh, I almost forgot to tell you… Today's (Fri 8th Oct) flavours at Liaison Café are as follows (and I must say I'm very fond of both of them):

  • CINDY dark: nutmeg and dark chocolate ganache.
  • A favourite returns in the form of VIOLA white: violet and aniseed.

I'm afraid VIOLA isn't as pretty as previously — using new baking trays, which turned out to conduct heat rather differently. The result is that some VIOLAs over the next fortnight will be off-colour and don't have pretty feet (but the ganache is still yummy). If you require your macarons to be very pretty, this batch might not be for you.

ADVANCE NOTICE: there will be no macarons on Friday next week (15th Oct).

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