This week's flavours (14th and 17th Sept, 2010) [UPDATED]

With extra publicity this week, we've increased stock at Liaison so that, y'know, the macarons might last an extra hour.

For Tuesday, the flavours are YANNIC and JUDY.

  • YANNIC intense: a salted caramel with more depth than the basic YANNIC. My caramel tester gave it her seal of approval. Some shells weren't as good as usual, so apologies if you get any with airpockets — the yummy caramel should compensate!
  • JUDY dark: last week's fresh ginger and dark chocolate returns.

On Friday, macaron devourers can try other existing flavours:

  • VIOLA white: violet and aniseed.
  • NUNO milk v2: coffee and milk chocolate ganache in a chocolate shell.
  • plus YANNIC intense, and something else I haven't decided on yet!
  • [UPDATE:] DARCY vanilla: vanilla ganache with cocoa beans

Note that I gather the café is sometimes starting to sell the macarons earlier than 10.30am. For new visitors, the macarons tend to sell out within an hour sometimes a little slower.

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8 responses to “This week's flavours (14th and 17th Sept, 2010) [UPDATED]”

  1. Sarah

    Ooh, the coffee/milk chocolate one sounds like my kind of thing!

    Congrats on the mention in epicure! I think they've improved their standards since the last macaron article, hehe. :)

    xox Sarah

  2. Sweet.Petite(LikeMe!).Treats

    Bravo!(just read the article).

    You're my idol!

  3. Jason

    Sadly i am still yet to taste 'Macaron's by Duncan'… (insert frowny face). I am definitely a newbie when speaking of these miniature delights, so please forgive any ignorance… my first macaron was had only a couple of weeks ago at a little coffee stall in the GPO building. A simple pistachio(my favourite) flavour, was a complete and wondrous taste sensation. When i found out about the "Melbourne macaron" competition, i googled it and stumbled upon something better… a food blog called 'Melbourne Gastronome' with an article on 'Melbourne's Best Macarons', it was a great read and concluded with the fact that Duncan was at the top of the class. So here i am, lurking, waiting for the next update to grab a taste of these magical macarons…

    10:50am was when i arrived at Liaison this morning… "Sold Out" was my greeting. (insert EXTRA LONG frowny face). Plan B was a visit to EARL canteen for the first time, resulting in professional super friendly service and a delicious pork belly sandwich. But a taste of their 'Salted Caramel' and 'Rose' flavoured macarons didn't quite sell me, with my personal tastes finding them, not only a bit too small for my likings… but also a little too chewy.

    As for a delicious 'By Duncan', friday i will miss also, due to a cookery work placement at the Langham Hotel(incidentally, tasted one of Marcus Bohm's Violet/Blackberry Jam macarons… devine!), so sadly, still i wait for that first 'Duncan' bite.

  4. Duncan

    Thanks everyone!

    Jason: there will be double the stock on Friday (already doubled today, so that's 4x for Friday), but there might be lots more customers too. We'll have to see, sorry! The ones at Earl are by Josephine, but I don't know what the quality is usually like, so can't comment.

    It is my hope to offer a small number of pre-orders each week, starting sometime later this month.

  5. Spinstertoo

    Well, if you can't ever get to Cafe Liaison, and don't work in the city (me) then I guess it will be a very long wait to try one of these mythical-stuff-of-legends macarons.

    I wish you could sell them some other way, or place…

  6. osmund

    I had the violet one today which I didn't think I would like but it was divine!!

    Thanks for the fantastic macarons. :)

  7. chef_dog

    After all the self promoting press that is around at the moment I had to go and try the macarons that “Duncan” is making and also a few others in Melbourne. Duncan’s Macrons: I would have to say that they are not a patch on the macarons that I tried when I was in Paris, they were extremely small and at a price of $3.00 each I thought that was a bit much, but if they where as amazing as all the hype I guess I would be happy to pay that. The shell was quite thin which was good but they where quite flat and also had a big air pocket under the shell, as for the filling the VIOLA white violet and aniseed was a great combination I quite enjoyed it. The salted caramel was bitter and tasted a lot of butter which was not pleasant, a bit of a let down as this is my favorite flavor. La Tropezienne Macarons: again the shell was quite thin and the macaron had a good texture but the fillings were a big let down the jam in side was uninspiring and very sweet and the lemon filling must have been made with an extract of some kind as it tasted artificial. [NAME OF ESTABLISHMENT REMOVED]: would have to say that these were the best of the lot, this was very surprising due to the amount and variety that was available. The shell was a little thicker than the others but the macaron was also of a bigger size. Texture of the macaron was very good no air pockets and melted in your mouth, the fillings were not all butter creams which was nice to see. The lemon had a fruit caramel that had a great tang to it, just wanted to eat more. I Should also add the price of the macarons from the other two stores, [NAME OF ESTABLISHMENT REMOVED] $2.20each, La Tropezienne $2.00each All in all great to see all of these stores making macarons, as they are fantastic little gems and are not easy to get right.

    [Duncan's editorial note: Mention of one establishment in Melbourne (edited out above) has been banned on this site for a long time due to the number of self-promoting comments left by them (a PR technique known as "shilling"). This ban applies to all mentions of the establishment on Syrup & Tang, even by genuine commenters such as the person above.]

  8. Duncan

    @chef_dog: It's a pity you were disappointed with the macarons of mine that you tried. As you can see from some flavour announcements, I advise people if I'm aware some batches might not be perfect. You had one macaron with an airpocket. You had one flavour you didn't like. You had one you did like. The salted caramel was deliberately bitter (note it was called YANNIC intense) and sure, it contains a fair bit of butter. If you like a milder, less rich caramel then YANNIC intense isn't for you, clearly. I should also add that "extremely small" is a distinct exaggeration. The average diameter of my macarons is approx 38mm (very similar to some Parisian dimensions), and it's a size many people have told me they prefer. We each have our own tastes.



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