Some green flavours for 21st Sept, 2010

For Tuesday this week, the new flavours come with greenery: pistachio or pandan.

  • STEFAN white: pistachio ganache is a shell with little pieces of pistachio.
  • ANTON white: toasted coconut shell with a pandan (screwpine) flavoured ganache (limited stock).
  • LUCILLE buttercream: the return of this rose-lemon macaron (limited stock).
  • VIOLA white: another favourite, violet+aniseed.

Note that I gather the café is often starting to sell the macarons earlier than 10.30am. For new visitors, the macarons tend to sell out within an hour sometimes a little slower.

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8 responses to “Some green flavours for 21st Sept, 2010”

  1. Jason

    Got some! Delicious. Very creamy though… is that the desired outcome for a 'proper' Macaron Duncan? Maybe its just my personal taste in that i seem to enjoy a nice middle ground between creaminess to chewiness. All were tasty nonetheless, but the Viola and Aniseed really stood out for me. The light flavouring of aniseed was an interesting surprise. Thanks Duncan!

  2. Duncan

    Hi Jason. Glad you got some. Creamy would be the best description of the filling of a good macaron, absolutely. Real chewiness would definitely not be a strongly desirable characteristic. Light crispness in shell surface, mild resistance/textural contribution in the shell innards, dissolving creaminess in the filling.

  3. Shelley

    Hi Duncan,
    Thank you for the superb macarons…. you've just got a new fan ;-)

    After salivating many weeks reading your articles and updates, I ventured into Liason this morning to have breakfast (which is just a great excuse to make sure I get front-row seat to your macaronmania). I had high expectations… and your divine macarons more than met them (and more).

    I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the "Anton". Pandan has got to be one of my favourite dessert ingredients, and the way you've incorporated it into macaron with such delicious subtleties leave me craving for more… I think I can eat a couple of dozens easily :-)

    Please keep Anton as one of your standard flavours!!!!

    And, I'm still dreaming about the green tea (macha) flavour ones I've had at a hole-in-the-wall French place in Hong Kong (for the life of me I cannot remember the name… but I know it is NOT Le Gouter Bernardaud). Would you consider experimenting with macha…? I bet it will turn out nice :-)

    Thanks again, and please keep up the magic…!!!!


  4. Duncan

    Thanks Shelley! I like pandan a lot too and so will definitely bring ANTON back sometime.

    I'm not sure about macha — I think it's hard to do well, so might need to experiment a little first.

  5. Elle

    Hi Duncan:)

    Almost 2 months after I first heard of your macarons via Claire's blog, I finally got the opportunity to taste them today **yay**

    To be honest, they were quite different to what I had been anticipating. Perhaps it's because I am used to the sweet and powerful flavours that other macarons [bought from other places] tend to possess, I found the flavours of your macarons rather subtle and more natural in comparison.

    I enjoyed all four flavours, especially Viola! never knew aniseed could go so well with white chocolate…will definitely come back for more:) :)
    I also agree with Shelley, green tea would be a really awesome flavour to experiment with…I look forward to your future inventions:)

    P.S: I'd also like to add, atmosphere at Liaison was really nice and warm, the owners were so friendly. The macaron experience really made my day:) thank you Duncan!

  6. Duncan

    Hi Elle. Your comment about the flavours is interesting, thank you. I try wherever possible to use natural flavours (fresh citrus for instance, freshly toasted coconut, ginger root, real aniseed, vanilla beans, etc). Of course, some things have to be done as essences or concentrates, but I try to be very careful with dosing. The upside is the fresh/natural notes, the downside can be that some flavours are harder to capture or maintain over time (some are strong the first day, but are mild background flavours by the third, for instance).

  7. Sweet.Petite(LikeMe!).Treats

    Hi Duncan,

    You may be interested to know I found a green tea powder from aiya green tea aus. advertised to be of cooking grade suitable for baking. I bought some online & now waiting for delivery to do some experimenting myself as wanting to make a natural green colour macaron.

    I too prefer, if possible, to colour my macarons naturally with its ingredients. "To colour or not to colour that is the question" I asked myself recently. And to this question I'm still undecided, as some people do eat with their eyes & at times I find the vibrancy from powder colouring can "bring out" the macaron & complete its whole look.

  8. Duncan

    I look forward to hearing how it goes for you. For colouring, I think it's a very hard challenge to achieve it naturally and something I've been less concerned about. Uncoloured shells can be attractive, but brown very easily, and we can't deny that for many macaron customers, colourful prettiness is a factor.



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