Lemon two ways for 24th Sept, 2010

For Friday, lemony LUCA returns, but in two new forms:

  • LUCA white: sweet and tangy lemon in white chocolate ganache.
  • LUCA extradark: not for the faint of heart, this is a 70% cocoa solids ganache with hefty lemon thrown in. The result? Sour and bitter. Note that a ganache of this type is not as smooth as other ganaches.
  • STEFAN white: the second day for Tuesday's new pistachio flavour.

Note that the café is often starting to sell the macarons around 10am. For new visitors, the macarons tend to sell out within an hour sometimes a little slower.

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5 responses to “Lemon two ways for 24th Sept, 2010”

  1. Jason

    mmmm, lemon and white chocolate. Yum! Pity i had to work today:( Duncan, you said something about perhaps being able to make personal orders in the future? Besides the fact that i went in to Liasion for the first time for the macarons and got scolded by the barista for buying my coffee from somewhere else(another customer says he was in a bad mood?), its also hard to get in if not working in the city, and the limit of 4 is just cruel! So i for one am putting my hand up for the first order:)

  2. Duncan

    Hi Jason. I'd be surprised if Danny (barista) was scolding seriously — he can engage in banter with customers and new visitors might not realise it's a joke — , so I hope it wasn't really meant meanly to you. A small number of pre-orders are likely to be possible soonish, but I can't guarantee that the limit of four macarons will change anytime soon. There simply isn't the scope to increase production markedly, and demand is high. To be fair to as many visitors as possible, a limit seemed the only option.

  3. Jason

    Cool, thanks Duncan! I hear you with regards to the limit, agree that it is very fair… but it sounds like you could do with an assistant! Thanks for all your efforts to bring us these delicious goodies! And im sure Danny WAS just joking around… to tell you the truth i think he was just all macaronned out, and was annoyed i only went there for macarons and none of his awesome coffee… which is fair enough. No sweat. Ill have to get used to his humour, especially if i want some more delicious mac's!

  4. anne

    the macarons were delicious. i tried all three flavours on friday. i like how they're light and go down smoothly. wish i could try other flavours but felt lucky that i came on a day with flavours i enjoy. i got there at 10 and had them in the cafe while watching others anxiously wait for their turn worried it would run out and i also felt anxious for them too!

    thankyou for a good start to the day. =)

  5. Duncan

    Thanks to both of you:)



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