Ginger and coffee for Tuesday (07.09.2010)

This Tuesday macaron lovers can try a slightly modified existing flavour and a rather lovely new one (ok, it was actually released stealthily last Friday).

NUNO milk has undergone a little revision, with a slightly different ganache and a mildly chocolate shell (that's why it's NUNO v2): coffee + milk chocolate.

JUDY dark: a delicious, warm combination of fresh ginger and dark chocolate. I think ginger lovers will like it. There are no ginger pieces in it, which might surprise some people. This is a flavour I hope to play with a lot as time passes.

What have been your favourite flavours so far?

Note that I gather the café is sometimes starting to sell the macarons earlier than 10.30am (I think it was 9.30am last Friday), *and* the stock is sometimes lasting longer than 10 minutes:) A whole hour and a half on Friday, but don't bank on that always being the case.

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One response to “Ginger and coffee for Tuesday (07.09.2010)”

  1. @38degreesouth

    Exquisite. The delicately crisp shell gives way to an intense, rich gingery creamy centre. Delicious. More please.



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