Lemony, rosy, coconutty this Friday (27.08.2010)

My new baby this Friday is little LUCA with lemony fragrance. Returning are also RASA and JULIETTE.

LUCA buttercream: lemon
RASA milk: toasted coconut + milk chocolate
JULIETTE buttercream: rose

On sale at Liaison for a little while from about 10.30am. Note that most of the time there are limits on how many one customer can buy.

I don't think I'll do many more buttercreams – I'll continue testing some flavours, but I still think the ganaches are a better vehicle for most.

A flavour that didn't get announced last week and was a test of using dried cherry was

ALEX white: dried cherry

This one will definitely return in the future!

Finally, if I have excess stock at some point in the next two weeks, I might do an order-by-email thing as I have done in the past, so if you've missed out at Liaison stay alert!

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