A quick note

In order to keep things orderly, I haven't mentioned anything about availability for over a week now. The macarons have still been available at Liaison (thankfully!) but we had to keep it low key. So why am I writing this little note? Because there definitely won't be any macarons at Liaison on Friday this week (13th) or Tuesday next (17th Aug) (the café is closed Fri and Mon while Danny and Siâny have a break).

The macarons will be back on Friday 20th, but don't worry, there'll also be regular supplies on Tuesdays and Fridays in weeks to come. I'll be updating you all soonish about what's happening more broadly.

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One response to “A quick note”

  1. Lee Lin

    Looks like a second trip (1st one was to Earl Canteen)to the city is warranted :)



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