Introducing Pernilla and Nuno on Friday [UPDATE: SOLD OUT] (30.07.2010)


Tuesday's macarons vanished in about five minutes, so now it's the turn of Fridayphiles to try them. I think they'll last a little bit longer this time… Macarons by Duncan this Friday at Liaison:

PERNILLA white: a delicate blackcurrant ganache. Pleasant tartness with gentle blackcurrant fragrance.

NUNO milk: a milk chocolate and coffee ganache. I think this turned out tasting a little like an old-fashioned coffee truffle.

DIEGO dark: the return of one of my early flavours, with fruity cinnamon combined with dark chocolate. This flavour tends to change with time, with fruity notes mellowing to a light cinnamony background — and I don't yet know which it will be by Friday!

I wasn't so happy with some shells this week — you might find a few with air pockets, sorry!

Macarons by Duncan are available at Liaison café at 22 Ridgway Place, off Little Collins St near Parliament.

In dot points:

  • Tuesdays and Fridays only
  • available on those days from approx. 10.30am until sold out
  • limited stock and flavours per day

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4 responses to “Introducing Pernilla and Nuno on Friday [UPDATE: SOLD OUT] (30.07.2010)”

  1. Duncan

    All sold out for today! The café and I will work on a way to increase supply.

  2. Lingy

    Hey Duncan!
    Great to know that the macarons are selling like hot cakes off the oven. More importantly, I can't wait to see you showcase your works of art at the Macaron 'Convention' later this year, at NGV (?)!!! Hope you win!!! I bet you can beat Lindt's hands down anytime! I love La Tropezienne's but they only do single flavours, meh! haha.
    Lingy X

  3. Duncan

    Hi Lingy. Thanks for the comment:) I won't, however, be taking part in the macaron competition — there are aspects of it which I didn't agree with (the fee, a rule, …).

  4. Lingy

    I guess that you don't need the extra publicity, like how some others do hehe. I wish I get a push-tweet to the availability of your macarons. Having said that, I hardly Twitter. It is a pity though because you should show them HOW it is done! :-) Anyway we must have a discussion one day, to what exactly the things you disagree about in relation to the competition. You'd rock the stage!

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