Hot cross buns save the day

On Good Friday my mother usually makes her fantabulous hot cross buns. Unsurpassed in the history of Australia. Or something like that. Usually there are just four of us devouring the buns. This year there were unbidden guests.

Dad was serving the buns. We were making our familiar drooling, moaning noises.

Perhaps our pre-orgiastic vocalisations acted as an incantation, calling up spirits from Easters past. They marched across the tablecloth.

They surveyed our Easter breakfast. At first we were seduced by their seeming innocence. Their yellow fuzz illuminated our breakfast table.

We noticed small groups forming amongst our visitors. "How sweet!" we thought. "It's a group hug." … or was it something more like a rugby scrum?

While we had been observing our cute little friends do their group hug, other visitors were busy… The hugs had been a diversion!

The yellow guests were as voracious as locusts. And when challenged, defended their bounty. They had the arrogance of conquerors, standing atop the battlements of a fallen fortress.

We cowered in our seats as the fluffy yellow marauders started mutating into hideous, daemonic things.

To our surprise, the frightening feasting horned chickens of Easter began to collapse. The mutation had not been a transformation into their true form, but in fact the hideous effect of a food allergy.

They couldn't take the peel. We were saved! Beware of peel-hating Easter invaders!

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12 responses to “Hot cross buns save the day”

  1. Sarah

    Lol Cute!!

    xox Sarah

  2. Jack

    Oh Duncan, have you eaten too much chocolate…!!?? ;) (Is that at all possible?)

    Happy easter


  3. Y


    Happy Easter to you!

  4. elra

    You are so funny Duncan!
    The cross buns looks so delicious as well.

  5. Agnes

    Cute post, Duncan! :D

  6. Thanh

    "We hates peels in our precioussssssssssss".

    I can't believe everyone knows how to make their own yummy hot cross buns. I need lessons.

  7. nzm

    What IS in your mother's hot cross buns?

    I want some! :-)

  8. Manggy

    Omigosh, I canNOT imagine you snapping away while staging all of this. Your family must've thought you'd lost it. Did incite hearty laughter at this end, though :)

    Is your recipe the same as your mum's, except for maybe her magic touch?

  9. Cin


  10. Julia @ Mélanger

    Funny! Not quite so much antics at my place when preparing hot cross buns this Easter. :) Hope you had a good one.

  11. SJ

    Love it – and the buns look fab. Is your Mum sharing her recipe any time soon?



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