Announcing The Gastronomer's Bookshelf — collaborative book review site

Sweet readers, it's time for me to announce the launch of a new website. Book reviews. For you and me. By you and me (and you and you and you). All about food, wine and tummies. The Gastronomer's Bookshelf has been in development for a number of weeks and has just opened.

I got tired of the puff-piece reviews in the papers and the often uninformative chatter on retailers' sites, so decided it was time for a site where people who love (or hate) certain books about gastronomy and the culinary arts could inform other potential readers. New and old books are equally important — food lovers want to know about classics and about the quality of new titles.

Many of you will know Mark of the fantastic No Special Effects blog. He came on board in the development phase and has been helping me immensely over the last few weeks to get the site running and beautiful. He and I will be the editors of the site, ensuring everything comes together as we hoped.

I've copied some of my existing Syrup&Tang book reviews over to the new site and Mark has already written one review there.

Please, if you have books you want to tell others about, or books you've already reviewed on your own site, why not share your helpful perspectives on The Gastronomer's Bookshelf? A last minute Christmas recommendation? You can write brief or detailed reviews and they can be new, or derived from your existing reviews. The reviews just have to be informative and helpful. We've written guides to how it all works (see the How to review menu on the site) and reviews can be submitted using the relevant online form.

If you love books, it would be great if you could spread the word about the new site. It's hard to build momentum for a new site and we would really like this to become a key resource for people wanting to know more about books on topics we are addicted to!

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2 responses to “Announcing The Gastronomer's Bookshelf — collaborative book review site”

  1. elra

    That's brilliant, Duncan (& Mark too).
    I don't write that well, but I don't mind to try to give review. I have so many cookbooks, most of them I really like, and they are few that (mostly gifts) I don't.
    Excited about this, I can sure you that I'll be checking the site pretty often. Oh, I'll spread the words too.
    Have a wonderful season!

  2. Amelita (Squishy)

    Well done my friend. I will be a regular visitor. I might even chuck in a review or 2.




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