A solution to the cake batter in my laptop?

In 1996 I felt terribly modern. My Apple Powerbook Duo was running software called Mangia!, one of the best recipe programs around at the time (alas, now dead). I had begun reading my recipes straight off the Powerbook's screen as I cooked. That was fine until a lapse of concentration saw me pour chocolate cake batter straight onto the Powerbook's keyboard! Quick as a flash I dropped the bowl of batter on the kitchen table and inverted the laptop. Thank goodness I was making a thick cake batter and not something really runny!

I've not come across a good solution for viewing recipes electronically in the kitchen and nowadays I scribble everything down on paper before embarking on a recipe. But for some people this product concept (KitchenSync) by a guy called Noah Balmer seems quite nifty. Better than an LCD screen mounted on your fridge, it's a foldable display which can sit on your bookshelf when not in use. It's actually a device which stores info for display, so is independent of a PC (once you've downloaded the information). More pics at The Kitchn.

[This is not a product endorsement. It is simply something discovered on the internet which I think is interesting.]

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5 responses to “A solution to the cake batter in my laptop?”

  1. Y

    How interesting. Although I still favour big saucey splashes and smudges on my favourite cookbooks, over reading from a computer screen.

  2. Y

    I have similar conditions placed on my books, but only the fiction ones. Although some might argue that a few cookbooks could be regarded as fiction, what with the way their recipes yield unremarkable or unsatisfactory results. :)

  3. Amelita (Squishy)

    I love it, there are often times I run back and forth from my pc because I couldn't be bothered writing the recipe down. Pretty cool I think :)

  4. Agnes

    Neat idea! I take my laptop into my kitchen. Fortunately I haven't had any major mishaps yet – definitely nothing like cake batter in the keyboard!



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